Lost in the pain and desperation of the ads, he didn’t notice that the others were leaving until Beverly Katz spoke to him.
"I’m sorry, Beverly. What did you say?" He looked at her bright eyes and kindly, well-worn face.
"I just said I’m glad to see you back, Champ. You’re looking good."
"Thanks, Beverly."

make me choosedevinweston and avegedd asked:
will graham or daryl dixon

Grimm  |  The Law of Sacrifice

Where’s my daughter?! You gave her to Victor?!It’s the only way she’ll be safe.  No!

Why are we having this conversation?

Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners

Lindsay & Halstead - moments Chicago PD 1x11.


Requested by Anonymous: Sophia Bush on Chicago PD

The best place for a child is with its parents. We know that better than anyone.